Bed Bugs in Ohio Part 2

This is the second webinar focused on bed bugs in Ohio. In this webinar, Dr. Susan Jones of the Dept. of Entomology presents information about management options, including chemical and non-chemical, and also covers how to select a pesticide application company, and some of the current legal issues surrounding bed bug treatment. See below for details.

Introduction 0 - 0:40

Overview webinar 1 0:41 - 2:00

Insecticide resistance and insecticide choices 2:01 - 11:44

Pesticide use and DIY 11:45 - 24:26

Contact treatment pros, how to select treatment company 24:27-29:28

Pesticide application companies licenses, legal issues 29:29 - 38:41

Passive monitoring 38:42 - 47:28

Non-chemical and chemical options; efficacy 47:29 - 1:19:49

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