Periodical Cicadas will be emerging in 2021!  

This page is YOUR resource for updates and information for the Brood X Cicada Emergence!


  • Insect in Order Hemiptera
  • 1.5 - 2 Inch Long
  • Have Piercing-Sucking Mouthpart
  • Wings Held Tent-Like Over Their Body
  • Periodical and Annual Species
  • "Sing" 
  • Annual Cicadas (AKA Dog-Day Cicadas)
    • Emerge Yearly
    • Green and Brown in Color
  • Periodical Cicadas- Regional Broods
    • Emerge Every 13 or 17 Years in Mass
    • Black and Red/Orange in Color
    • Found in NORTH AMERICA Only!
Periodical Cicada

    Read more at the OSU Factsheet on Cicadas found here.



    PERIODICAL CICADAS emerge in regional broods every 13 or 17 years.  The Map for Ohio's Broods is below.  Brood X is due THIS YEAR! 

    map of the cicada broods